Client and Physician Testimonials

What Satisfied Clients Have Said


“I have been working with Mehdi for almost two years. His knowledge of nutrition and Nutrigenomics is exceptional! He is passionate, caring, and customizes to every person’s needs.”

“I have combatted low energy and excess body fat for many years, until Mehdi drilled down to my genetic profile, giving me a personalized diet, targeted supplementation, and lifestyle modifications that took my energy to a level I have not felt in years which allowed me to lose my excess body fat.”

“Mehdi is now regularly available at my office for genetic testing and micronutrient evaluation.”

Dr Ann Wry, Functional MD

"Going the holistic route was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I feel like the best version of me."Mehdi took the time to go over my genetic profile and worked with me to find exactly what I needed for me to feel good again.

His knowledge about genetics was  such a learning experience. I really had no idea that what we eat and how we exercised had such a great impact on our health and wellbeing."

Sarah O, age 21

Consulting with Mehdi has changed my life!

As a wellness Consultant with vast knowledge of nutriceuticals and functional nutrient testing, I thought I was on the right track with my own health. Mehdi who was the only practitioner that drilled down to one or two key factors that were driving my ‘hormonal’ issues. He taught me the ‘root cause’ of how my body was functioning from a genetic and nutritional level.

With the results from a few non-invasive blood and swab tests, he was able to pin down exactly what my next steps were. After recommending just a few products, my life changed dramatically. As a 60 year old, active and educated female, I have so much less ‘nervous’ energy, improved clarity of thinking, and sleep like a baby, remembering my dreams!

Working with Mehdi has been life changing.   I cannot express my appreciation for Mehdi’s brilliance and clarity in consulting for a better life as I age. Thank you Medhi, from the bottom of my heart… and genes!

Janet R, age 60

I would like to express my satisfaction as a patient being evaluated and treated by Mehdi Shafaat. Some potential health concerns were brought to light by my Medical Doctor but he did not have the extensive knowledge needed to create a plan of action for me. This is where Mehdi came in. 

From the beginning of  the visit, Mehdi gave me time to express my concerns and also to review my health reports with me. He explained what may be the cause behind certain findings and what I could do to influence change and increase my health. I have not met a practitioner yet with the passion and understanding that Mehdi has. Thanks to him I am on a clear path of being in charge of improving my health.

Robert A, age 45

“Mehdi’s approach is very different than any other nutritionist I’ve seen. What he does shouldn’t even be called nutrition, it’s more like repairing your body on the cellular level.

Before working with Mehdi I kept waking up more than three or four times during the night, wasn’t able to focus and wasn’t anywhere close to regular.

Since we started working together, I’m sleeping through the night, am laser focused, even when I don’t want to be, because of just one supplement that has nothing to do with my sleep patterns. And I’m way more balanced. We’re still working on getting my energy levels up to super human, but I’m very hopeful.”

 Bobby Hewitt,  Age  46,  

Rochelle Park, NJ