Sleep FAQ's


How does Nutrigenomics help with sleep?

Our approach to resolving sleep issues is very unique and extremely effective. We look at specific genes that are directly or indirectly involved with quality of sleep, then, we provide very specific dosages, and targeted supplementation to bypass the genetic mutations that are giving you poor sleep. Again, everyone’s sleep problems are different, the cause of the sleep problem will be different too. The key is to identify the underlying cause of sleep problems of each individual and address the problem, not the symptoms. We firmly believe that deep, restorative sleep is the pinnacle of good health. Excellent patterns of sleep, night after night, will yield health across all systems in the body and allow the body to heal.

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Are benzodiazepine drugs safe for sleep?

No. Benzodiazepine drugs are often prescribed by physicians to help patient's sleep. Benzodiazepine drugs are habit forming and you can build a tolerance to them, therefore, needing higher doses to get to sleep.

Top Reasons to stay away from Benzodiazepines:

  • Habit forming

  • Increases risk for dementia

  • Relaxes muscles in back of throat-bad for sleep apnea!

  • Withdrawals can bring on seizures and other problematic side effects

  • Stop taking them, gives rebound insomnia

  • Alcohol and benzo’s are a dangerous combination and increases addiction many folds!

  • Lowers melatonin in the body-the hormone that regulates your sleep rhythm  and protects you from cancer

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Are other class sleeping drugs (ambien, ambien cr, lunesta, rozarem, silenor, sonata) safe?

Yes. They are somewhat safer than benzodiazepines class drugs. They are, however, NOT safe for patients that have sleep apnea. Long term use of these sleeping drugs is not recommended because they are habit forming and lose efficacy overtime. They are typically prescribed for short term use or for occasional insomnia by physicians. These drugs also lower your body’s melatonin levels making your sleeping problems worse overtime.

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Are over the counter sleep aids safe?

No. We do not recommend anyone to self-treat their sleep issues without a supervision of a professional. Long term use of over the counter sleep aids can worsen your sleep issues by creating imbalances in brain chemistry and hormones. Remember! Your sleep problem is not a simple fix; it requires careful investigation to identify and address the underlying cause to resolve sleep issues; and not will you only sleep better, but you will get refreshing sleep for you to take on your day with vitality, not groggy and fatigued the next morning from sleep aids.

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