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                                                               CONSULTATION AGREEMENT

Mehdi Shafaat is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with advanced undergraduate and graduate degrees and training. Clients should be aware under New Jersey state law, consultants such as Mr. Shafaat are entitled to  advise clients for compensation as to proper nutrition and the role of food and food ingredients, including supplements. However state law does not confer authority upon nutritionists like Mr. Shafaat, to practice medicine or to undertake the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, pain, deformity, injury, or physical or mental condition and specifically does not authorize any person other than one who is a licensed health practitioner to state that any product might cure any disease, disorder, or condition. Mr. Shafaat will advise clients as to recognized nutritional guidelines and recommend sources such as treatises, books, periodicals, and other authorities for nutritional guidance and advice.


 Clients should also be aware that every individual differs and may have underlying medical conditions that require special or different treatment. It is imperative that, before adopting any dietary recommendation from Mr. Shafaat or any nutritionist,   a client should advise the nutritionist of medical conditions, history and, preferably,  consult with his or her treating physician prior to following or implementing dietary recommendations. Some examples of medical conditions would be  food related allergies, high or low cholesterol, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid concerns food, intolerances, or eating disorders. The client acknowledges that, though Mr. Shafaat is properly certified to provide nutritional guidance and advice, all food recommendations and eating plans are undertaken at the client’s own risk. The information clients receive in Mr. Shafaat’s emails, programs, services and products, while published after thorough research and analysis,  do not and cannot take the place of professional medical advice. Similarly, referring physicians and other professionals that have recommended Mr. Shafaat’s professional services do not legally adopt his recommendations and advice simply by so referring client to Mr. Shafaat.

Finally, clients must also be aware that,  by following Mr. Shafaat’s dietary advice and recommendations, they should experience improved health and other beneficial effects, he does not guarantee any particular result. As noted, individuals are unique and what benefits one achieves do not not necessarily mean another will receive the same result.


Client acknowledges that he has been provided a copy of this Consultation Agreement.

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